Sunspot Literary Journal offers an Editor's Prize of $35 for each digital edition (four times per year), and an Editor's Prize of $50 for the annual print edition (published once per year). Artwork selected for a digital or print cover will be paid $20. Visit SunspotLit.com to download digital editions for free.

We welcome prose from flash fiction and poetry to stories and essays, including scripts and screenplays, up to 49,000 words. Genre categories are accepted along with literary works. Poetry can be up to 1,250 lines. Translations welcome. Please note the word count in your cover letter. 

One piece per prose submission (except poetry). Use the correct form according to the length of your prose and poetry. Works longer than allowed by the form used will be declined unread.

Artists can submit one or two items using different forms.

The Fast Flux options offer a one-week turnaround for prose and art. Poets receive a two-week turnaround, with most responses being sent within one week.  

All submissions must be unpublished (except on a personal blog). Simultaneous submissions welcome. Submit as many times as you like. 

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Authors & Artists Eligible

Rigel is the brightest star in the Orion constellation. Sunspot Lit is looking for the single short story, novel, novella, artwork, graphic novel, or poem that outshines all the rest.

Rigel offers $750 plus publication to the winner, and offers publication to select finalists. No restrictions on theme or category. The length for prose is restricted to a maximum of 5,000 words for short stories, or ten pages for poetry and graphic novels. The first 5,000 words of a novel or novella should include a synopsis of the entire work (the synopsis counts toward the total word count). Artwork should consist of a single piece.

Any novels, novellas, or graphic novels selected as the winner or as finalists will be offered publication only for the submitted sample.

Open: April 1, 2021

Close: June 30, 2021

Entry fee: $5

Prize: $750 cash and publication for the winner; publication offered to runners-up and finalists.

Sunspot asks for first rights only; all rights revert to the contributor after publication. Works, along with the creators’ bylines, are published in the next quarterly digital edition an average of two months after contest completion, as well as in the annual fall print edition.

Works should be unpublished except on a personal blog or website. Artists offered publication may display their pieces in galleries, festivals or shows throughout the publication contract period.

Enter as many times as you like through Submittable, but only one piece per submission. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please withdraw your piece if it is published elsewhere before the winner is selected.

We accept all types of flash fiction and nonfiction including essays, memoir, travel, teleplays, film and stage scripts. A single poem up to 40 lines can be submitted here.
Maximum flash length is 500 words.
One piece per submission, please (except for artists). Additional written works will not be reviewed.
In your cover letter, please indicate length and whether the piece is fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. 

We accept all types of fiction and nonfiction including essays, memoir, and travel; microfiction, flash, short stories, poetry, lyrics, teleplays, film and stage scripts. 

Prose or script length: one work of 501 to 3,500 words. 

Poetry and lyrics should be no more than 3 works, 10 pages total.

Reviews of books, films, art exhibitions, galleries, and exhibits should run 350 words up to 1,250 words.  

In your cover letter, please indicate whether the work is fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. 

Fiction and nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, between 3,501 and 7,500 words can be submitted here. A single poem of up to 300 lines is accepted here.  

Fiction and nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, from 7,501 words up to 17,500 words should be submitted using this form. A single poem between 301 and 600 lines is also accepted.  

Fiction and nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, from 17,501 to 29,000 words should be submitted using this form. A single poem between 601 and 875 lines is also accepted.  

Fiction and nonfiction, including scripts and screenplays, from 29,001 to 49,000 words should be submitted using this form. A single poem between 876 and 1,250 lines is also accepted.  

Need to hear back quickly? Use this form to receive a response in one week for prose or art, or two weeks or less for poetry. Submit any category or type of work here.

Be sure to select the correct fee option based on length. Incorrect fee selection will result in rejection without consideration.

Visual artists, use the first or second option.   

Sunspot Literary Journal is seeking articles, essays, even fiction and poems that offer advice and thoughts on the creative life related to any creative form. How-to, features, reports on current trends, commentaries, real experiences, and roundups are some of the areas accepted. Some examples of the kinds of works we’re interested in:

Writing tips for authors or stories about authors/artists

Tool roundups for heritage craft producers

Thoughtful or lyric essays on the creative lifestyle

Features on the impact of residency programs 

Personal or fictional experiences at retreats

What to expect from a workshop, or artwork/stories/poetry generated in a workshop paired with a commentary about the process of creating in the workshop

How to engage with a community or poetry about community outreach

Marketing advice for authors/artists

No limit on word count, although 1,500 to 3,000 words provides the strongest target range.

Payment for these pieces will be $0.01 per word ($50 US maximum per piece). Please include a third-person bio of 50 to 75 words in your cover letter. Pieces will be published in the final 2021 edition, scheduled for release in December.

One piece per submission. 

All submissions must be unpublished. Simultaneous submissions welcome. Submit as many times as you like.

Open: January 1, 2021

Close: October 31, 2021

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