Sunspot Literary Journal is dedicated to speaking truth to power by drawing on the power of every human being. We offer payment in the form of an Editor's Prize of $50. The acceptance rate for the first open call was 11.5%. Visit SunspotLit.com to download the May 2019 edition free.

FICTION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES: All types of fiction including flash, microfiction, poetry, short stories, scripts, and screenplays are welcome. Literary vs. genre means nothing; we look for well-written work. Submit short stories of 10,000 words or more, scripts and screenplays over 5,000 words, and poems of more than 12 pages through the Supernova form.

NONFICTION THAT EXPANDS: All categories of nonfiction are accepted, including memoir, travel, expose or informative articles, opinion pieces, and reviews. Nonfiction of 10,000 words or more should be submitted through the Supernova form. 

ART: Submit photos, digital art, illustrations, paintings, video stills, graphic novel frames, collages, and more through the General Submissions form.

All submissions must be unpublished (except on a personal blog) until our open call for previously published work. Simultaneous submissions welcome.  Double-spaced text for all submissions except poetry. Submit as many as you like, but only one piece per submission until our open call for collections. 

Ends on June 30, 2019$5.00

Microfiction, micro essay, micro memoir, short poem, micro script, micro screenplay...if it's 100 words or less, it might be worth $100. No restrictions on theme or category.
First place winners and finalists in various prose categories will be published in a special edition. A byline and bio will be included, and select pieces will receive special attention on the website.
Enter as many times as you like. One piece per submission. Pieces must be unpublished except on a personal blog or website. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Work can have won other awards without being disqualified. Cash award of $100.

We accept all nonfiction including essays, memoir, and travel; and all fiction including microfiction, flash fiction, short stories, poetry, lyrics, teleplays, film and stage scripts. For scripts, maximum length is 5,000 words. All other fiction and nonfiction can run up to 9,999 words. Poems and lyrics should be 12 pages or less. 

Longer poems, fiction, scripts and nonfiction should be submitted using the Supernova form. Long-form scripts and screenplays can run up to 29,000 words. Long poems can run up to 120 pages.

Reviews of books, films, art exhibitions, galleries, and exhibits should run between 350 words up to 1,500 words. They can cover a single book or film, or compare multiple books/films. 

Artwork should be submitted here.

Submit as many as you like, but only one piece per submission.  

Sunspot takes pride in publishing longer works that might have difficulty being placed in other publications. Fiction and nonfiction over 10,000 words up to 29,000 words should be submitted using this form. A single poem that runs over 12 pages up to 120 pages is also accepted, as are scripts and screenplays over 5,000 words up to 10,000 words.  
Please note that this is not the place to submit collections of any type. Collections of stories, essays, poetry, and mixed collections can only be made during special open calls. Submit as many as you like, but only one work per submission.  

Need to hear back quickly? Use this form to receive a response in two weeks or less. Submit any category or type of work here, including art and photos, except long-form fiction and nonfiction. Long-form fiction and nonfiction must be submitted under the Supernova form.  

Laine Cunningham